Will shhWACK™  change my game?  

shhWACK™ zips snugly onto most standard pickleball paddles and becomes an integral part of the playing surface for enhanced performance and quieter play.  Many players prefer to play exclusively with their shhWACKed paddle in order to:

  • Enhance ball control and performance
  • Protect the paddle
  • Reduce paddle collision injury
  • Reduce arm strain 
  • Become a better neighbor by reducing noise

Will shhWACK™ fit my paddle?

shhWACK™ comes in two sizes, Standard and LargeStandard fits on most standard paddles.  Best fit is with rectangular paddles, although the shhWACK ™ stretch technology can accommodate many other paddle shapes including oval. To ensure fit, you can measure your paddle dimensions (see diagrams below).  Paddles with a maximum face width of 7 10/16” and a maximum length (top of grip to paddle tip) of 10 7/16” should fit snugly inside a shhWACK™ Standard.  Paddles larger than this standard size, but with a maximum face width of 8 1/4” and a maximum length (top of grip to paddle tip) of 11 1/4” should fit snugly inside a shhWACK™ Large.  Oversized paddles, such as the Head Margaritaville, will not fit inside a shhWACK™ Standard or Large, but future shhWACK™ products are in development for these oversized paddles.  



How much does shhWACK™ weigh?

shhWACK™ products are designed to be ultra-lightweight to minimize the impact on your paddle.  shhWACK™ Standard weighs 2.8 ounces, which is less than a pair of socks or a light cap.  Large weighs [3.0 ounces?] and similarly weighs less a pair of socks or a light cap.


Do you offer refunds?

If your shhWACK™ is defective or does not fit your paddle, we offer an exchange or a full moneyback guarantee of the item purchase price less applicable shipping charges.


Is shhWACK™ sanctioned for tournament play? 

shhWACK™ has been designed to mimic closely the playing surface of sanctioned paddles; however, the USAPA has not yet sanctioned the use of shhWACK™ for tournament play.  Some players choose to warm up with their paddle shhWACKed and then remove shhWACK™ for actual tournament play.


Is shhWACK™ weather resistant?

shhWACK™ is made of high-performance sports materials and holds up well in typical pickleball playing environments.  If your shhWACK™ gets wet, just hang it out in an airy environment until dry.  Most stains can be wiped off with a wet cloth.  And, don’t forget, shhWACK™ is protecting your paddle while it is enhancing your game.


Is shhWACK™ patented?

Yes, shhWACK™ is patent-pending.


How much does shhWACK™ reduce the noise of playing?

The number one complaint of neighbors and club members regarding pickleball is the noise.  Converted tennis courts now have 12-16 players in a typical pickball configuration, and even sound optimized paddles still make the characteristic “thunk” or “pop” when hitting a pickleball.  In Audio tests performed at the Peter Sprague Recording Studio (Encinitas, CA), tests were run with Proflight and Head paddles on dinking and sharp volleys using Dura 40, Franklin 40 and Franklin X26 balls.  The volume of dinking and sharp volleys decreased substantially , by 50% or more, when the paddle was shhWACKed.  [See data below for Audio Dink Test].  We believe that clubs utilizing shhWACKed paddles will be able to expand playing hours and reduce noise complaints, so that the fastest growing sport in America can continue to expand!

Dinking Noise Reduced in Half with shhWACKed Paddle